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New staff brings unique perspective to Kendallwood community

21 Nov 2016 0

The Kendallwood Apartments have recently undergone a huge interior and exterior transformation and during this time, new staff joined the Kendallwood team who bring unique experiences and ideas to the community.

Maria Brown, assistant property manager, and Heather Jordan, leasing manager and concierge, have teamed up to continue to provide a top-notch experience for the residents. The two joined Linda Duckworth, property manager, and this team of three has worked to develop new programming, optimized software to improve resident communications and strengthened the resident community.

Brown previously worked in international and domestic imports and exports. She brings an incredible background in sales, marketing and customer service to Kendallwood. Jordan’s background is health and wellness focused. She owned and operated a retail bicycle store for 23 years, and is entering her sixth year as the owner and teacher at a yoga studio.

“Because of my background in teaching, I gravitate toward things that involve helping and teaching people,” said Jordan. “That, coupled with my passion for fitness makes this position and the work feel natural to me.  Maria has been such a pleasure to work with and we have a great time bouncing ideas off of each other.”

Brown and Jordan bring two events to Kendallwood residents monthly. These range from happy hours to bingo events to “breakfast on the go” where residents can stop in for a morning treat before work. Jordan is also putting her fitness knowledge to use by teaching yoga classes and expanding the community’s fitness offerings for residents. The pair also is working to ramp up resident communications by using the different tools in Curry’s new YARDI software to keep them informed, as well as continuing to share up-to-date information through the community newsletter.

“We are excited to be getting positive feedback from residents about the work we’ve been doing,” said Brown. “Heather and I are enjoying the process of continuing to build this community and are looking forward to bringing more new and exciting events as we look toward 2017.”