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IREM Leadership Conference inspires 2016 Goals for Curry

24 Dec 2015 0


This October, Curry Real Estate Service’s Mike Long, vice president of the multi-family division, represented the firm at the Institute for Real Estate Management (IREM) Fall Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. He, along with more than 600 real estate management professionals attended a key event in the industry geared toward commercial and multi-family real estate professionals.

The annual conference showcases trends, issues and new technology in the commercial and multi-family real estate industries, giving professionals an opportunity to share best practices. Long’s participation helps ensure that Curry stays ahead of the curve on matters that are integral to the success of our clients and tenants.

Long, whose tenure as president of IREM Kansas City ended in December 2014, emphasized this five-day meeting is an empowering collaboration of industry professionals.

“The relationships I’ve been able to build with other industry professionals through this conference are a key part of our success,” said Long. “You walk away with contacts that not only share a passion for the industry and serving their clients, but who motivate you to strive for even greater excellence in what you do.”

Breakout sessions on topics such as cyber security and fair housing provided an in-depth look at issues that constantly require the industry to evolve, providing attendees like Long the opportunity to evaluate their firms’ current approach and bring back proposals for improvement.

“It forces you to think outside the box,” said Long. “While I think Curry is doing an excellent job advocating for our clients and protecting their information, we should never become too comfortable. As we look ahead to 2016, we will continue to learn and improve our processes to stay ahead of these issues.”